Evie is a lightweight theme that includes pages, some components and styles most elements in a way that fit together to create appealing websites.


There are two versions: production which includes both minified and unminified CSS and JS files along with the html template. The development version contains the SASS files and the full source code for the theme and the documents.

Get started

Production version (theme): Just download the production file, unzip it and click on it to preview the content. You can then change the texts, select new illustrations (or images!) and upload to any host you like as a normal static site.

Download Theme

Development version (source): If you are familiar with SASS and you want the source files, download the development version. There you will find the SASS files ("src/theme/sass"), the documentation website and a pretty specific Gulp/Express.js setup which you'll probably want to replace with your own.

Download Source


There are many CSS frameworks out there (Bootstrap, Foundation,etc), so there is probably not a need for one more. That's why Evie is simply a theme that happens to include a small style guide. You can use Evie right away without having to learn anything or you can use it as a starting point and build on it.